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5 ways to develop key strengths and abilities when your child is learning Arabic

5 ways to develop key strengths and abilities when your child is learning Arabic

٥ طرق لتطوير القواعد والقدرات الرئيسية عندما يتعلم طفلك اللغة العربية

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1. Conversational fluency: as your child learns to speak and understand Arabic fluently, communication becomes more and more effective in a variety of life settings. Use GlishArabic for a modern approach for your child to experience the fluent sounds of the Arabic language today!

١ التوعية اللغوية: الأطفال الذين يتكلمون لغتين لديهم حساسية كبيرة للأصوات،الإيقاع، والبناء اللغوي. الأمر الذي يؤدي إلى إكتساب مهارات تواصل أفضل باللغتين وفهم أفضل للثقافات المختلفة

2. Reading comprehension: At GlishArabic a key component is learning. How to recognise letters and their sounds in order to build up the ability to read Arabic text with ease, understand it, and draw conclusion. Using GlishArabic can help towards comprehension ability


3. Writing proficiency: At GlishArabic we aim to allow your child to reach a stage where they can write Arabic clearly and accurately. With our grammar games, spelling and punctuation your child can have a strong ability to convey ideas in Arabic soon!


4. Understanding grammar: one of the unique areas of GlishArabic is the application of Arabic grammar so that your child can build towards the construction of sentences that are grammatically correct and effectively convey the intended meaning.


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5. Knowledge of Arabic vocabulary: At GlishArabic our many curriculum worlds that continue to be built upon, allow for a broad vocabulary in a wide range of life topics. Using GlishArabic can help in using words precisely to express different meanings while our Youtube videos have many different videos in specific areas for a wider and creative learning experience!


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