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The Terms and Conditions of GlishArabic™ Products (Mobile Application and Website)


These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the GlishArabic™ mobile application (“The GlishArabic™ (Arabic through English) Application”) and educational resources and content on our website (, collectively known as ‘GlishArabic™ products’. GlishArabic™ products are operated and developed by GlishArabic™ (Arabic through English). By using the Application and/or website, you agree to comply with the following Terms and Conditions, as well as our Privacy Policy. Our Privacy Policy provides information on how we collect, safeguard and hold information that results from your use of our product.

Your agreement with us includes these Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You acknowledge that you have read and understood all the following and agree to be bound of them. If you do not agree with (or cannot comply with) the following Terms and Conditions, then please do not use the GlishArabic™ products. Kindly let us us know of any concerns by emailing; We endeavour to try to find any solutions. Our Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors, users and any others who wish to access GlishArabic™ products.


When you come to purchase any GlishArabic™ product (a subscription to GlishArabic™ unlimited from the website or through app marketplace partners), you will be asked to supply certain information relevant to your purchase of subscription including but not limited to, your credit or debit card number, the expiration date of your card, your billing address, and your shipping information.

By subscribing with us for any duration, you represent and warrant that you have the right legally to use any the payment method(s) in connection with any GlishArabicTM purchases including mobile application

subscription/s represent and warrant that the information supplied to us is correct.

By utilising any of GlishArabic™ products you also consent to our use of third-party services for the purpose of facilitating payment and the completion of any GlishArabic™ purchases and therefore give right to us to submit your information to these third parties subject to complete payment subject to our Privacy Policy.

To subscribe to GlishArabic™ Unlimited, you must use a valid credit card, debit card or other accepted payment form by Apple app and/or Google Play stores to complete either a monthly (active and maintained payment for one month and each subsequent month until otherwise cancelled) or yearly (active and maintained payment for one year and each subsequent year until cancelled) subscription at the then-current subscription price in order to continue with using GlishArabic™ products.

After subscription you authorise us to charge you the then-current subscription price through the Apple app and/or Google Play stores and further consent to the renewal of your new subscription term automatically for the same subscription term on the day after your previous subscription term ends unless you cancel your Account prior to the subscription renewal date through the procedures of Subscription Cancellation.

If we find that a subscription fee is not paid in a timely manner, or a transaction cannot be processed, then we reserve the right to suspend, or even abort your subscription. However, you agree to pay all amounts that become due to us through the stores and are fully responsible for any disputes arising with your payment provider. You will be solely responsible for all overdraft fees and/or penalties that may be assessed by your payment provider.

Therefore, your subscription will continue until you cancel, or we abort your access to the use GlishArabic™ Unlimited. You also acknowledge that billing may occur on slightly varying dates of each month. We reserve the right to refuse or cancel your order at any time for reasons including but not limited to product availability, errors in the description or price of the product, error in your order or if we suspect or detect fraud or

unauthorised or illegal transactions. Accounts will also be terminated if there is inaccurate, incomplete, repetitive, or obsolete information provided to any GlishArabic™ accounts.

The following are Terms and Condition applicable to Apple’s App Store specifically.

In the event of any failure of GlishArabic™ products to abide by the applicable usage, you may notify Apple to refund the application subscription purchase price to you (if applicable) and, to the maximum extent permitted by law.

However, Apple will have no other warranty obligation with respect to GlishArabic™ mobile application and is not responsible for addressing any claims rising from you including, but not limited to product liability claims, any claim that the application fails to conform to any applicable legal or regulatory requirement or claims that arise under consumer protection. Apple is further not responsible for any investigations or procedures that arise from of any third-party claim. Apple and its subsidiaries are third-party beneficiaries of these Terms and Conditions. After your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, Apple will have accepted the right to enforce these Terms and Conditions against you as a third-party beneficiary thereof.

All GlishArabic™ subscription prices or GlishArabic™ product prices are set by GlishArabic™ which has sole discretion of maintaining or modifying prices. If we come to increase our fees, then we will send you notice of this prior to you renewing your subscription and we will provide you an opportunity to either maintain, change, or cancel your subscription with us before applying changes to your Account. We may also add, remove, or modify features from our GlishArabic™ product, subscription service to continuously improve our product and your continued subscription with us after any of these changes reflects your full acceptance of them.

Please let us know if you do not wish to continue your subscription with any new fees and/or Terms and Conditions prior to the end of your then-current subscription and we will end your subscription after your running subscription period, Otherwise, the revised rate and/or Terms and Conditions will apply on and from the next subscription period.

How to cancel a GlishArabic™ subscription: To cancel your subscription, you may cancel your Account prior to its renewal date through the ‘Manage My Subscription’ area in the profile section of the GlishArabic™ App. For more information about how to cancel please also see the

specific help pages of your application store; Cancellation process Google play and Cancellation process Apple store

For example, If you downloaded the GlishArabic™ app through the Apple’s iTunes App Store, then you must follow the cancellation instructions provided in the iTunes App Store. You will continue to have access to GlishArabic™ subscription already prepaid. Please note that we do not provide full or partial refunds for any prepaid sums.

Granting of licence

Subject to your maintained payment of subscription with us, GlishArabic™ provides you with a temporary (existing only during maintained subscription), reversible, and non-transferable license to access, view and, use (play) on the GlishArabic™ mobile application as well as be able to download and print 1 copy of each downloadable resource offered on GlishArabic™ products on a personal computer, mobile phone, or other Internet-enabled device for your personal, non-commercial use. For definition of teachers, GlishArabic™ grants one licence for each 1 teacher to use GlishArabic™ content to educate 1 set of students.

This License however does not give ownership of GlishArabic™ content, intellectual property or any specific functionalities of GlishArabic™ products. All rights are solely maintained by us and other third parties. Copying, duplicating, distributing, uploading, publishing, displaying in public, translating, altering, transmitting, broadcasting, selling, granting licenses, or engaging in any other form of utilisation of GlishArabic™ products is forbidden for all intents and purposes.

Contests, Sweepstakes and Promotions

Any contests, sweepstakes or other promotions that are made available through GlishArabic™ products are governed by rules that are separate from these Terms and Conditions. If you participate in any promotions, please review the applicable rules and our Privacy Policy. If the rules for a promotion conflict with these Terms and Conditions, promotion rules will apply.

User Obligations

This Application is intended for child users (under age 18 years) to use the GlishArabic™ products. Adult users are over the age of 18, and include guardians, teachers or school administrators of child users under

the age of 18. Use of the GlishArabic™ products including subscriptions means you hereby acknowledge and agree that you have the authority to provide consent on a child user and are responsible that a child authorised by you to use GlishArabic™ products, does so in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

Please note, only Adult Users may create an Account, and child users may use GlishArabic™ products by using an adult user’s Account. Every Account must have one designated adult user who must be at least 18 years of age and is not otherwise barred from contracting with us. Accounts may not be transferred, sold or given to another Adult and/or child user under the existing subscription.

Account creation and confidentiality

To access our features, you will need to create an account with GlishArabic™. By doing so, you agree to provide accurate and up-to-date information during registration. You are also fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account credentials and for any activities that occur under your account. You are responsible for any activities or actions that occur under your account and/or password and you must notify us immediately upon becoming aware of any breach of security or unauthorised use of your account through

Please note, that you cannot use a username that is the name of another person or entity that is not lawfully available for use, including a trademarked name by another person. You also cannot use a username that is offensive, vulgar or obscene. We reserve the right to refuse service, terminate accounts, remove or edit content, or cancel orders to our sole discretion without prior notice.

If you would like to terminate your contract with us, you should cancel your latest active subscription and discontinue using any GlishArabic™ products.

Any clauses within these Terms and Condition that inherently need to continue after termination will indeed do so, encompassing but not limited to sections about ownership, warranty disclaimers, indemnification, and liability limitations.

By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions you agree to waive all claims against GlishArabic™ related to any unauthorised payments made on or using your GlishArabic™ account outside of GlishArabic™ control, regardless of whether such payments are authorised by you.

However, please submit a claim of the unauthorised payment to GlishArabic™ through so that we can do our upmost best to assist you in correcting the alleged unauthorised payment. You must provide such claim no longer than one month or 30 thirty days of the unauthorised payment.

Application Usage and Content

GlishArabic™ (Arabic through English) is an educational platform that teaches Arabic through English. The content provided within the Application, including lessons, exercises, and materials through games, and is intended for educational purposes only. GlishArabic™ does not guarantee fluency or proficiency in Arabic as a result of using the Application for any duration of time.

All content found on or through GlishArabic™ products are the sole property of GlishArabic™ or used with permission. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, reuse, download, repost, copy, or use GlishArabic™ content in whole or in part, for commercial purposes or for personal gain, without express advance written permission from us.


All GlishArabic™ content specific functionalities of our products and all its versions are owned by GlishArabic™. All content related to GlishArabic™ is protected by international copyright laws as well as United States, Irish, United Kingdom and European Union, trademark laws

Definition of GlishArabic™ content: The following falls under GlishArabic™ content and includes:

Text: all text related to GlishArabic™ descriptions, structure and design

Jigsaw puzzle designs: English/Arabic language relatability under jigsaw designs in any form belong to GlishArabic™ content.

User and visual interfaces: All Arabic/ English interface design, statements, written descriptions, images and any other content on the GlishArabic™ app is the property of GlishArabic™.

Trademarked Logo, tradename, slogan (Arabic through English) or any trade identity: the logo of GlishArabic™ including the three diamonds over English I;s are a part of GlishArabic™ content and/or any other trade identity is part of content of GlishArabic™.

Images, drawings, artwork and photographs: Placed on the website unless used by permission from GlishArabic™ are the property of GlishArabic™.

Sounds and music utilised through GlishArabic™products unless used by permission form third parties under copyright permission from these parties is the property of GlishArabic™.

The design of mobile application and/or websote including outline, structure of content, selected content, and its arrangement in any previous, present or future time is the content of GlishArabic™.

Animation: All animation utilised by GlishArabic™ is the property of GlishArabic™

Game content, structure, planning, design and start to finish setup is the property of GlishArabic™

Intellectual Property:

All intellectual property rights associated with GlishArabic™, including copyrights, trademarks, and proprietary information, belong to GlishArabic™. You may not reproduce, modify, distribute, or exploit any part of GlishArabic™ products without explicit permission. Original content (excluding content provided by users), features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of GlishArabic™. This is protected by copyright, trademark, and country laws. Furthermore, our brand name, trademark, designs, logos and any content may not be used in connection with any other product or service without the prior written consent of GlishArabic™.

Copyright Policy

We hold high regard for the intellectual property rights of others. Our approach involves addressing any assertions regarding potential infringement of intellectual property rights by content within GlishArabic™ products. Should you believe that your work is being encroached upon, we kindly request you to forward your claim to:, providing a detailed description of your assertion. It is important to be aware that making inaccurate or bad-faith claims could result in potential liability for damages, including legal expenses and attorney fees.

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)

When submitting a copyright infringement claim, please include the following: an electronic or physical signature from someone with a copyright interest, a description of the copyrighted work in question (including its web page address or a copy), your contact information (address, phone, email), a statement affirming your belief that the disputed use isn’t authorised by the copyright holder or the law, and a statement that is truthful and accurate, confirming the accuracy of your provided details and your authorisation to act on behalf of the copyright holder. Kindly forward this information to:


The collection and use of personal information by GlishArabic™ products are governed by our Privacy Policy. By using or products including mobile application, you consent to the collection, storage, and processing of your personal information as described in the Privacy Policy.

Error Reporting and Feedback

Feel free to share with us your insights and input regarding errors, suggestions for enhancements, ideas, issues, concerns, and any other subjects pertaining to GlishArabic™ products. This collective input is referred to as “Feedback” and can be submitted either directly via or through third-party platforms and tools.

Rules of Feedback:

By submitting Feedback to GlishArabic™, you acknowledge and agree that you won’t claim any intellectual property or other rights in the Feedback. You understand that GlishArabic™ may have similar development ideas. The Feedback shouldn’t include confidential or exclusive information from you or any third party, and GlishArabic™ will not be bound by confidentiality. In cases where legal constraints prevent the transfer of ownership, you hereby confer upon GlishArabic™ and its affiliates an exclusive, transferrable, irreversible, no-cost, sublicensable, authorisation to employ the Feedback in any way.

This includes replicating, altering, generating adaptations, publishing, disseminating, and commercialising.

Website linking to and from us.

Links from GlishArabic™ to other websites

If there is a third-party link on our website or products, GlishArabic™ takes no responsibility for the content, privacy policies, or practices of any websites or their products, services or any other affiliations they may hold. We cannot vouch for any other product or service provided by any of these third-party links.

Links to GlishArabic™ products from other websites

Linking to GlishArabic™ in a manner that falsely portrays your website or organisation as sponsored by, endorsed by, affiliated with, or connected to us is strictly forbidden. We retain the authority to disallow links to GlishArabic™ products for any rationale, as determined solely and unequivocally by us.

The following are prohibited:

It is prohibited to violate any national or international laws or distort GlishArabic™ products in any way that may do so

It is prohibited to disrupt the functioning of any GlishArabic™ product

It is prohibited to compromise the privacy of other users

It is prohibited to utilise any abusive behaviour throughout any GlishArabic™ products

It is prohibited to utilise any offensive or obscene usernames

It is prohibited to create and/or use and obtain unauthorised access to GlishArabic™ products

It is prohibited to use any device, software, or routine that interferes with the proper working of GlishArabic™.

It is prohibited to distribute malware or use any robot, spider, or other automatic device, process, or means to access GlishArabic™ products. It is prohibited to introduce any viruses, trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other material which is malicious or technologically harmful in any way to GlishArabic™ products and application. It is also prohibited to carry out any attack of GlishArabic™ products via a ‘denial-of-service attack’ or a ‘distributed denial-of-service attack’.

It is prohibited to monitor or copy any of GlishArabic™ material or use a manual process to monitor or copy any content on GlishArabic™

It is prohibited to attempt to exploit or exploit, attempt to harm or harm, minors in any way by exposing them to inapplicable content or otherwise through or by any GlishArabic™ products.

It is prohibited to send advertising or promotional material, including any “junk mail”, “chain letter,” “spam,” or any other similar solicitation utilising any of GlishArabic™ content, tradename, or any material relating to GlishArabic™.

It is prohibited to impersonate or attempt to impersonate GlishArabic™, a GlishArabic™ employee, another user, or any other person or entity related to GlishArabic™.

It is prohibited to carry out solicitation in any form under GlishArabic™ name, content or products or refer to GlishArabic™ in anyway through solicitation. Solicitation refers to the act of seeking or requesting something, often with an emphasis on persuasion or urging. It can involve asking for money, services, goods, or any form of assistance. In a legal context, it can also refer to the act of enticing or inviting someone to engage in illegal activities or inappropriate behaviour.

It is prohibited to engage in any other conduct that restricts or inhibits anyone’s use or enjoyment of GlishArabic™ products or create or do harm or offence to GlishArabic™ or users of GlishArabic™ or expose them to liability.

It is prohibited to use GlishArabic™ in any way that could disable, overburden, damage, or impair its function or interfere with any other party’s use of GlishArabic™, including their ability to engage in real time activities.

It is prohibited to gain any unauthorised access to any GlishArabic™ products, or interfere with to cause disruption or damage to any server on which GlishArabic™ information is stored, or any database/computer with GlishArabic™ product storage.

It is prohibited to take any action that is untrue to harm GlishArabic™ image or make negative its ratings.


We may use third-party service providers to monitor and analyse the use of GlishArabic™ products including application.

You recognise and agree that GlishArabic™ will not be held accountable or responsible, whether directly or indirectly, for any harm or loss purportedly resulting from, or associated with, the utilisation or trust in any such content, products, or services accessible through any third-party websites or services. We strongly recommend that you read and acknowledge the terms of service and privacy policies of any third-party websites or services you visit.

Disclaimer Of Warranty

GlishArabic™ products are given as they are, without any guarantees or promises, and are subject to availability. GlishArabic™ does not assure or warrant how well these products work, or the accuracy, content, or materials included. Your decision to use any GlishArabic™ product, our content, or anything obtained from them is solely your responsibility and at your own risk. GlishArabic™ and its affiliates do not ensure the completeness, security, reliability, quality, accuracy, or availability. They also don’t guarantee that any GlishArabic™ product and their content, or any obtained items will be error-free, uninterrupted, or meet your needs. GlishArabic™ explicitly renounces all kinds of warranties, including those related to merchantability, non-infringement, and suitability for specific purposes. These disclaimers do not affect any warranties that cannot be excluded or limited by applicable laws.”

Limitation of Liability:

GlishArabic™ holds no responsibility for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or punitive damages resulting from or linked to Application usage. This restriction covers claims, losses, or damages originating from errors, interruptions, omissions, or any other facets connected to the Application.

Therefore, you agree to indemnify and hold us, free from any indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, including legal fees and related costs from litigation, arbitration, trial, or appeal. This applies whether based on contract, negligence, or other wrongful actions, in connection with this agreement. This includes claims for personal injury, property damage, or violations of laws. Even if GlishArabic™ was advised beforehand, we won’t be liable. If GlishArabic™ is found liable, it’s limited to the payment for products/services, excluding punitive or consequential damages.

Update and or changes to Terms and Conditions:

We will post changes and/or updates on GlishArabic™ website and indicate starting date of updated or changed Terms and Conditions. By definition, a change also constitutes any change to material or products we provide.

It is your responsibility to review our Terms and Conditions regularly. Continued use of the GlishArabic™ following any changes constitutes your acceptance of our revised Terms and Conditions. By continuing to access or use any GlishArabic™ products, you thus consent to updates or changes to our Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to the new Terms and Conditions, you are no longer authorised to use GlishArabic™ products.

Please note, that we will not be liable if for any reason all or any sections of GlishArabic™ become unavailable for any period or indefinitely to any registered user/users.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions stated herein shall be controlled by and understood in line with the laws of Ireland. Any conflicts emerging from or associated with these Terms and Conditions shall be subjected to the sole authority of the courts of Ireland. Our non-enforcement of any privilege or stipulation in these Terms and Conditions will not be seen as a renouncement of said rights. Should any Term and/or Condition be judged as invalid or unenforceable by a court, the remaining conditions will continue to be effective. These Terms and Conditions establish the complete accord between us concerning GlishArabic™ products, and they override and take the place of any previous agreements that might have existed between us.


By using our GlishArabic™ products, you agree to subscribe to promotional materials including marketing and other information we may send. However, you may opt out at any time of receiving part, or all, of communications from GlishArabic™ by following the unsubscribe link or by emailing: with subject line ‘Unsubscribe’ through email you would like to unsubscribe from.


Any decision by GlishArabic™ to not enforce a particular term or condition specified in these Terms and Conditions will not be considered an ongoing or future waiver of that specific term or condition, nor will it imply a waiver of any other Terms and/or Conditions. Additionally, when GlishArabic™’ does not exercise a right or provision, this is not a waiver of that right or provision.


Should any provision within the Terms and Conditions be determined as invalid, unlawful, or unenforceable by a court or a competent tribunal, such a provision will either be removed or adjusted to the extent required to uphold the remaining provisions of the Terms and Conditions in their entirety.


By utilising GlishArabic™ products, you recognise that you have accepted these Terms and Conditions in full and consent to their binding effect on you.