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Privacy Policy for GlishArabic™ Mobile Application

At GlishArabic™, a mobile application designed to teach children Arabic through English to children, we are committed to safeguarding you and your child’s privacy and ensuring a secure and enjoyable learning experience. This Privacy Policy outlines how, why, where we collect, use, and protect information when you and your child uses our application.

GlishArabic™ is further committed to the safeguarding of children by being included in the kidsSAFE program following and complying with their enhanced standards and requirements for online child security. Please further read our kidSafe page here.

As caring guardians, we want you to feel assured and completely trust our approach to handling your information when you engage with any GlishArabic™ product.

We have drafted this Privacy Policy to clarify our methods and reasons for managing the personal information we gather. It’s crucial that you review this Privacy Policy attentively, and if you have any inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us using the details provided in the Contact Us section below.

When using any GlishArabic™ product, any customer continues to have the rights and freedoms with respect your any of your personal data. We process your data only after consent of our privacy policy. You as a parent and/or guardian including teachers, are in full control of your personal data after establishing accounts for the specific child/children utilising GlishArabic™ in the initial setup when downloading our App or accessing our website. Monitoring your child’s App activity becomes effortless and easy to control.

The mobile application operates as a self-contained system, barring children from the wider internet and unauthorised personal data sharing.

Our website employs standard web tracking tools for advertising and analytics, often in conjunction with third parties. These tools, like cookies, track adult site visitors to promote our offerings across platforms. You control this tracking through cookie settings or direct contact, with no child data used for marketing. The App refrains from gathering biometric identifiers, physical location, or sensitive personal information.

We maintain the flexibility to adjust this Privacy Policy. We are committed to ensuring the Privacy Policy is consistently updated and conforms to applicable laws. If there are significant alterations to the Privacy Policy, we will duly inform you, such as through email communication. Furthermore, should our privacy procedures evolve to a point where verifiable parental consent is necessary, we will actively seek and obtain such consent.

Information we collect, where we collect and why:

Type of data we collect:

Personal Information:

– Account Creation: When your child creates an account, we may collect a username, password, and parent/guardian email address for communication purposes.

Usage Information:

– Progress Tracking: We collect data on your child’s learning progress, including completed game/lessons, quiz scores, and language proficiency levels, to enhance their learning journey.

– App Interaction: We gather information on how your child interacts with the app, such as time spent on activities and lessons completed.

Payment information:

We do not directly gather or retain payment card details provided but rather depend on the third-party payment processors, Apple or Google, to manage these transactions. If you purchase our paid plans (Unlimited) then, we might receive the following purchase information: payment method, bank card name or PayPal cardholder, and billing address.

Technical Information:

– Device Information: We may collect device-specific information (e.g., device type, operating system, unique device identifiers) to optimise app performance and troubleshoot issues.

-App Usage Data: We use analytics tools to gather non-personal information about app usage patterns and user navigation.

-IP address and internet services provider

– Cookie and other tracking

GlishArabic™ or those partners who provide services on our behalf, may utilise various tools such as cookies and similar areas of technologies in order to gather data, in order to gain insight into how you interact with GlishArabic™. To learn more about how we gather information automatically, please refer to our Cookie Policy.

How/Why We Use Information:

Personal Information:

– Communication: We use the parent/guardian email address to send updates, account-related information, and respond to inquiries.

Account Management: Usernames and passwords are used to manage access to the app.

Usage Information:

– Providing and Maintaining GlishArabic™ to continue our agreed terms and conditions and contract with you – this included managing your account and subscriptions, giving you the ability to access certain features, replying to any requests or support, feedback or concerns, communication with regards any updates to our terms and conditions and this privacy policy, processing financial information, achieving repairs to GlishArabic™.

– Personalised Learning: Collected data helps us tailor lessons and activities to your child’s learning needs and preferences.

– Application Improvement: We analyse usage patterns to enhance app features, content, and functionality. We further utilise your data for security purposes including fraud detection and prevention, detecting and removing and problematic activity on GlishArabic™ with malicious, harmful or illegal aims and the procedure of prosecution of those persons responsible.

– Business development and partnerships – we may obtain and keep information from persons and/ or third parties for the purpose of business links. This includes but is not limited to during events such as tradeshows, competitions, award ceremonies, job interviews or conferences.

– We may further share personal information to a business development or partner in the situation where you have consented to do so in order for them to provide you with a required product or piece of information that you have asked for.

– Marketing of GlishArabic™ – with regards marketing we utilise data to gauge interest and interaction on our website and mobile application, help to develop new features on GlishArabic™ to your satisfaction as customers and improve those current features as well as helping to provide suited and targeted advertisements to meet your needs.

– examples of marketing materials include custom marketing, however we do not utilise data collected from children for marketing purposes or any data within our child geared platforms.

Advertising of GlishArabic™ and GlishArabic™ associates

-Subject to relevant legal justifications (if applicable), we might disclose your personal details to third-party advertising associates. Beyond the data we share directly, these advertising associates could employ tracking mechanisms across our GlishArabic™ platforms in order to amass insights about your actions and device particulars (IP address, cookie ID, viewed pages, time of day use, quantity of time used).

These advertising associates might utilise this data to furnish personalised advertisements to you while you engage with GlishArabic™. This practice is commonly recognised as personal or interest-based advertising.

Please note, we never deploying advertising based on behaviour or on data collected from children or from child-directed segments of GlishArabic™.

– You can always opt out of the use of your personal data for marketing purposes

Anonymous collection, usage and analysing of data for research basis

– We may use personalised information in order to achieve anonymous reporting and research of for example segregated or whole number of users in various parts around the world, analyse our customer type and size, usage patterns, customer preferences. This allows use to improve our GlishArabic™ products and applications and refine your requirements as well as optimise your searches and requirements.

From these types of data noted above we might thus reveal summarised data encompassing a group or groups of users and information that doesn’t reveal the identity of any individual.

In the case we receive anonymous data, we will never attempt to obtain information to make it identifiable, except to comply with law.

Information Sharing:

Children’s Information Sharing.

Please note, We will never share, sell, rent, or in any way transfer children information

With regards to external entities assisting in the internal functions of our website or any GlishArabic™ functionality, such as data processors, we ensure that they are contractually obligated or bound by other commitments to strictly employ the information for those specific purposes and to uphold its confidentiality.

In situations where legal or regulatory obligations dictate, like complying with a legitimate court order, subpoena, or responding to a valid request

from a governmental, regulatory, or law enforcement entity, we may also be compelled to share such data.

Third-party Service Providers:

– We may engage trusted third-party service providers to assist in hosting, app analytics, and customer support. These providers have access to data only for the purpose of assisting us. We always implement proper administrative, technological, lawful, and structural measures to ensure the secure management of your personal information when using third party service providers.

– Obtaining Information from third-party sources and/or external organisations. We might receive personal details about you from external organisations such as Apple ID where we could gather personal data and is accessible based on your privacy preferences.

We further employ web analysis tools and services offered by third party providers for marketing purposes. These tools enable us to comprehend and monitor adult users and potential users by assessing their interactions and visits to GlishArabic™ products and social media profiles. We could also obtain information from these third parties with regards the advertisements that adults view and engage with on the broader internet including YouTube.

Legal Requirements:

– Firstly, we carry out processing data in relation to Article 6(1)(c) of GDPR requirements as it is necessary for us (GlishArabic™) to fulfil such legal requirements such as tax purposes or other areas to abide by our legal obligations.

– We may disclose information if required by law, legal process, or to protect our rights, privacy, safety, or the rights, property, or safety of others.

– We may also use your date in order to continue to comply with any of our legal obligations such as abiding by agreements with you, achieving activities that fulfil our obligations with you and ensuring compliance and successful interactions. We hold the right to reach, maintain, and unveil any data linked to you that we have in storage to third parties, if we genuinely believe that such action is necessary or suitable for the following purposes: adhering to requests from law enforcement or national security authorities, along with legal proceedings like court orders or subpoenas; safeguarding the rights, assets, or safety of yourself, us, or others; enforcing our agreements or commitments; retrieving owed payments; or aiding an inquiry or the pursuit of suspected or proven unlawful actions, in accordance with legal allowances.

– please note that if we learn at any time that we have incorrectly held any personal information from a user, then we will pursue to remove it (delete) immediately unless we have a legal requirement to not do so. We will also disable the account where necessary or required.

-DNT (Do not track) and GPT (Global privacy control)

We do not respond to DNT (Do not track) signals or any similar signals emitted by any web browsers. However, if GlishArabic™ detects global privacy controls from your end, we will honour this by not pursuing any selling requests as well as preventing the sale or distribution of your personal data for advertising purposes of a targeted nature such as those users in the EEA.

Public sharing:

Any details you publicly share through public features such as through social media platforms of GlishArabic™, will be categorised as public, and does not fall under the privacy policy. Please ensure not to disclose sensitive information on any GlishArabic™ platforms that could identify you in a manner you do not wish to occur and any consequence of doing so, is at your own discretion.

Rights of under 18:

In the case where a user is under 18, they may contact us, to request to remove any posted content or information in publicly related areas of GlishArabic™ or by logging into the relevant areas and proceeding to remove this said content themselves

Parent/Guardian Control:

Review and Deletion:

– Parents/guardians can review, edit, or delete their child’s personal information by contacting us at

– Deletion: If requested, we will promptly delete personal information related to your child.

– If at any time you would like us to change all or parts of your personal information including your childs or delete it simply request this by emailing : with subject line: Personal information change for _(insert name) , (insert request). However, in order to complete any such words we may ask you to achieve certain verification steps to ensure you or your child’s identity is correct and the request is valid.

– Please note we will continue to hold your data so long as we offer you GlishArabic™ products or mobile application usage, however we will also

maintain your data in order to fulfil any agreements with you, any of our legal obligations and complete any possible disputes if arise.

User rights:

Depending on where you live, you may have the right to obtain your personal information from GlishArabic™ (including electronic copy), and/or ask for deletion, restriction of use of your personal information, requesting a correction or withdrawing consent. You may also exercise your right, where applicable to be informed about third parties where your personal information has been provided to them.

You may also obtain any additional details on our information practices, however it is commonly found in our privacy policy.

GlishArabic™ application permissions:

-Parents/guardians can manage app permissions through normal device settings to control access to device features such as camera and microphone if this is required.

-Furthermore, as a user you can opt out at any time for receiving promotional communications from GlishArabic™. Simply follow the instructions in those communications or email When opting out, we may still send you communications, with regards your account (non-promotional).


We may from time to time gather extra personal details when parents or adults willingly take part in customer surveys or offer feedback regarding a GlishArabic™ product or service. At times, we may reach out to you and ask your involvement in surveys, or research after obtaining your consent. We will always inform you in advance about any personal data we’ll collect in these cases

Data Security:

Security Maintenance:

We’re confident that we have put in place proper security measures to ensure the safety of your personal information and to prevent any unauthorised access, manipulation, loss, or use of your personal data. – We further implement reasonable security measures to protect your child’s information from unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.

Although we’ve enacted protective measures for your data, it’s important to note that no online platform or internet transmission can be entirely immune to breaches like unauthorised access, data loss, hacking, and

more. To the maximum extent allowed by the law, we are not held accountable for any unauthorised access, disclosure, loss, or misuse of personal information.

When you use any GlishArabic™ product or provide personal data to GlishArabic™, you consent to our potential electronic communication regarding security, privacy, and administrative concerns pertaining to your usage of GlishArabic™.

Data Breach:

– In the event of a data breach, we will promptly notify parents/guardians and take appropriate action to minimise harm.

Children's Privacy:

Our commitment ensures that a child’s utilisation of GlishArabic™ isn’t contingent on sharing excessive information.

– GlishArabic™ is intended for children under the age of 15. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 15. Parents/guardians are responsible for ensuring their child’s use of the app. Recognizing the unique privacy needs of children, we’ve crafted GlishArabic™ with a focus on empowering parents, caregivers, and guardians. To establish an account for a child, an adult’s registration is mandated and after a parent has successfully set up a GlishArabic™ account, we conscientiously gather only the essential data required for the child’s engagement in our educational activities.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

– We may update this Privacy Policy as needed. Changes will be communicated through the app and will be effective upon posting.

– In case we become engaged in an ongoing or potential restructure, merger, acquisition, financial audit or examination, insolvency, purchase or sale, or transfer of service to an alternate provider, your data may be sold or conveyed as part of such processes listed above to the extent allowed by law.

Contact Us:

If you have questions, concerns, or requests regarding your child’s privacy, please contact us at Please note that when you contact us we will collect your full name, email address and any other information that is relevant throughout the communication process.

By using GlishArabic™, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy. Please review this policy periodically for updates.